Tips on how to take care of your kids electric car

Tips on how to take care of your kids electric car

kids ride on toys are very easy to maintain if you follow the following Truvia Toys tips.

Tip Number 1

these kids electric cars for kids usually come flat packed and require simple assembly. Always follow the instruction manual when assembling the ride on cars.

Tip Number 2

Before first use, the kids ride on car requires a full charge as per the manual.

Tip Number 3

the battery powered kids cars can be used on flat ground. Avoid driving on high grass, wet ground or uneven ground.

Tip number 4

Keep your kids electric car indoor during wet weather.

Tip number 5

Always charge the ride on cars according to the instructions in the manual ie do not under or over charge them.

Tip number 6

When cleaning your ride on car you may use a wet wipe or a damp cloth.

Tip Number 7

Store your electric car for kids in a safe place as damage is not covered under the warranty.

Tip Number 8

Always use a reputable kids ride on car supplier if your childrens ride on car requires repair outside warranty.

Tip Number 9

Unplug the battery on your kids electric car if it will not be in use for a long period of time.

Tip Number 10

As with any car give it a once over to ensure your kids electric car is safe ie seatbelt is secure, tyres are not damaged and all nuts are tight. Steering wheel is in good working order.