Latest Toy Drifter Crazy Cars Ride on For Older Kids

Have your kids grown out of kids electric cars? Grown out of children’s ride on toys? Maybe they want something faster.

Truvia Toys welcomes you to the new crazy cart drifters. The 36V drifter is great fun for the older kids 10 plus and light weight adults. The maximum weight limit on the 36v is 75Kg on flat surfaces.

36v crazy kart ride on toys are not for the faint hearted, twist the handle throttle, and it launches and drifts all over the place.

Moving up from a 12v kids ride on toy car to a 36v drifter can be a bit too much for the youngsters, therefore  the new 12v drifter has been introduced which is perfect practice for the 7 plus children before moving onto the 36v.

The 12v drifter is great fun for the 7 year old plus kids. It’s a great powerful machine, and great fun as it drifts around. The flag ship 12v drifter model comes in  stunning design with a blue and black combination with bright blue L.E.D front lights so it cant be missed.

With a maximum speed of 10km/h, the 12v drifters around two times faster than the average kids ride on car. The charge time is approx 3-5 hours which is almost half of kids ride on cars, therefore the youngsters wont have to wait as long before the next charge to continue the fun