How to assemble Kids Ride on Cars

Welcome to this article by Truvia Toys covering tips and assembly of kids Ride on Cars.  For some, it’s easy to assemble a kids ride on cars, others find it more difficult even though an assembly instruction manual is included.

There are many different things you can do to prepare yourself to build a kids ride on car quickly and correctly. Before we begin, it’s important to understand that all children’s cars entail differences in assembly, however we will cover the main points which can adapted for most electric cars.

Firstly open the box the correct way up according to the markings on the box and remove all contents including the main body shell of the car.  For ease, close the box, turn it over and put the main body shell upside down on the box. This saves you bending to the floor whilst assembling the kids car and its always best to start from underneath the car.  You should have four wheels, two for the front and two for the back. It is important to build with the correct wheels, the back wheels usually have a cog on the inside part of the wheel which fits onto the motors to drive the car. Usually for the rear, its motor, wheel, washer then nut.  For the front, its usually washer, wheel, washer and then nut.  Once the wheels have been assembled, turn the car over onto its wheels carefully, be cautious not to scratch the body whilst doing this.  On the top side of the car, most ride on cars require the seat, steering wheel , and windscreen to be assembled.  Before fixing the seat, please ensure you have connected the battery wire onto the kids car as this is always disconnected during transport in the box.  This is something which is usually missed, however everything should be connected, and will be obvious that one wire is not connected (Usually a red wire), which needs to be connected to the battery. Once the battery wire is connected, the car should start up straight away via the start button or key.  Finally, if you have purchased a Kids electric car from Truvia Toys, which uses the latest bluetooth technology, then this will need to be paired with the car.  There will be a separate article on bluetooth remote controls including instructions on how to pair the remote control.

Kids will be excited once the car is ready and assembled, however you must charge the battery for approx eight to twelve hours before first use.  This increases the lifespan of the battery.  Furthermore, if you will be storing the car for a few months without use, it is best practice to disconnect the battery i.e detach the battery wire that was initially connected during assembly.  Disconnecting reduces the chance of draining the battery whilst not in use.

As mentioned earlier, all children’s ride on cars are different and some may require more or less work during assembly.  To save you all this hassle, if you are buying and collecting from Truvia Toys, they offer a building service to ensure the kids car has been assembled correctly and safe to use.